You are warmly invited to the European conference which will celebrate 40 years of transforming marriages.

The conference will take place in Fatima, near Lisbon in Portugal from 29 September to 1 October 2023.  Conference will begin at 18.00 on Friday and finish at 14.30 on Sunday.

The invitation is to all couples who are involved with 2=1, those who are group leaders, those who have taken a 2=1 course and also those who are interested in knowing more about the ministry of 2=1.

At the conference we will be looking back over the last 40 years with Mike Phillipps who, with his wife Marilyn, was given the vision for 2=1 and ran the first Married for Life course in 1983.  We also will be looking at the future of the 2=1 ministry with the current Global Directors, Gustavo and Roos’Mary Barrios.  Then we will consider God’s plan for us in Europe with speakers from our European team of leaders including ourselves. We will of course also have plenty of time for worship, prayer and fellowship over the weekend!

The conference hotel is now full so you can only register as daytime delegates and make your own arrangements for accommodation. There are several other local hotels nearby.  The price per couple for being daytime delegates for the conference weekend is €50 . This includes drinks at the refreshment breaks, but not meals. You can still, however, order lunches and dinners in advance and each meal you order will cost €19 per person for which you need to pay the hotel at the time. We will need pre-orders so the hotel can prepare the right quantity of food.

Children are welcome and will be supervised during the meetings.

The conference hotel is about 1 hour’s drive from Lisbon airport but if you prefer to use public transport a bus service is available from central Lisbon which arrives 1 km from the hotel. You can view the hotel using the following link:

Hotel Cinquentenário

During the conference various European languages will be used by the speakers but translation will be available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian and German. You should tick the language you prefer to hear on the registration form.

You can use the following link to register for the conference: