Time To Grow

2=1 European Leaders Summit
5-7 April 2019

Time To Grow

2=1 European Leaders Summit
5-7 April 2019

European Summit, Friday 5th – Sunday 7th April 2019 – Budapest, Hungary

Hi Everyone
We are very much looking forward to the Europe Summit, on Friday 5 to Sunday 7 April 2019, taking place in Budapest, Hungary. We hope that many of you will be able to come to the weekend from all over Europe. Here is some information about it and a choice of two forms for you to complete.


The Summit's theme is 'Time to Grow'. We will look at how 2=1 has developed in Europe over the last few years and how we can move forward to reach more couples with God's plan of covenant marriage.

This summit is about seeking God together. It is NOT a conference with long talks or seminars, but a time for all of us to pray and share what God is saying to us and develop a way forward based on what we hear from God. It will require you to wait on God before you come to the Summit then share with the rest of the team.


The Summit will take place at:
Epicentrum Event Center
2030 Érd, Jenő u. 15-19.
(This is a Christian event centre about 20km west of Budapest)


WEEKEND RATE: The cost for the weekend per couple full board (all meals and accommodation from Fri evening meal to Sunday lunch inclusive) is €110. Please complete the WEEKEND registration form.

DAY RATE: If you live locally to Budapest and don’t want accommodation or breakfast there is a day rate of €20 per couple including lunch and dinner. In this case, please complete the DAY RATE registration form.


You will need to fly to Budapest and can then go by train/bus or hire a car. More details to follow.


If you wish to drive direct to the venue, there is plenty of car parking space there.


We plan to start with dinner at 19:00 and the Friday evening meeting at 20:30, but these times are not finalised yet. The weekend will end with lunch on Sunday and we can leave in the afternoon. The rest of the programme will be provided later, but there will be opportunity for fellowship, relaxation or a walk on Saturday afternoon.


To confirm your places at the European Summit please complete the appropriate registration form. Those booking weekend places should also pay a deposit of €25 per couple.

Weekend registration is closed because the overnight venue is FULL.

If you would like to come to the Summit, please contact Mike and Lyn Thoma at uk@2equal1.com.