Step by Step Guide
for Setting Up
a ONE for life course

  1. Send in a Proposed course form Proposed Courses – 2=1 ( This is ideally a month or two before the course is due to start. You may need to understand the difference between the two types of One for Life course we offer as you need to state which type of course you want to run.  One is the Standard course and the other is the Interactive course. Here is a full explanation. OFL Differences – 2=1 (
  2. Upon receipt Helen will load it on the website and send you a link. You can share the link with interested couples to view, register and pay for the course. Of course, other couples may also register for your course as they see it shown in the Forthcoming courses list on the website. As each registration/booking comes in you will receive a copy. All courses include a copy of the online manual per person. There is an additional charge if the couples choose to have a paper manual too, €15 per copy. You will see if the couple have chosen a paper manual too when you receive their registration form.
  3. When you think everyone has registered you send me a Group Details Form: Group Details OFL EN – 2=1 ( is ideally two weeks before the course commences.
  4. When the Group Details Form is submitted then Helen will set up each couple with their online manual(s) and if required send out any paper manuals either to you or to the couple as indicated in the Group Details Form. If there are several couples needing a paper manual and you are meeting in person it is cheaper to send one batch to you for distribution. If you are meeting on zoom then it is best sent directly to the couples.
  5. If you would like a Zoom room you need to let Helen know, in the Group Details Form or by email and she will put it in the 2=1 calendar for you and send you the login details so that you can schedule your meetings. If you require a security code, just telephone Helen (+44 7500402379) and she will give it to you (it is only valid for 10 minutes so that way you get it instantly). You then send out the invitations to your group.
  6. When the couples want to view their online manuals they go to the website, click on resources, then online manuals and then enter their email address and the password Married4Life – then click on the image of the manual and this takes them through to the contents page, where they click on general and they have started the online manual.
  7. You start the course.
  8. Periodically but at least a couple of times, when you are requesting an offering from the couples (week 6 and graduation), we ask that you send in a course report. This is so we can pray for you. Here is the link: Weekly Report EN – 2=1 (
  9. At the end of the course you will have a graduation. Here is a report for that:  Graduation Meeting EN – 2=1 ( You will want some Graduation certificates. These can be obtained from your Team leader. Let Helen know if you need their details. There are several documents giving details about what to include at this meeting in the Group Leaders section of the website under Our Resources – Group Leaders – Graduation Meeting Resources.
  10. At the end of the course you, your Leaders in Training and the couples should complete Evaluation Forms. We are trying to get evaluations completed for all our courses now as we want to use them for social media purposes (name removed). There are a few different ones.

It sounds like a lot of steps but it is not as difficult as it may appear if you just keep this list safe and keep returning to it for all the links. Alternatively everything shown here is found on the website. Go to the Our Resources tab, then Group Leaders, Login and then you will see all of these links shown there: Training Material – 2=1 (

Helen is very happy to hold your hand through the process. Step one is fill in the proposed course form, here is that link again: Proposed Courses – 2=1 (